It feels like we're already flying but the air is too thin and we're dying. The clouds all around take us higher, the world far below is on fire. I hold out my hand just to touch you. A reason for being forever. You're just a whisper away.


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Coffee Break.

I skipped school today. I can't take seeing living creatures today.

As a matter of fact, I can't stand myself today. I drank at least five big cups of coffee just until now and it's not even been four hours since I've woken up.  Or well...since I've opened my eyes and convinced myself to go to the toilet. I haven't even brushed my teeth. I'm diguisting.

I tried to improve.

I watched two episodes of the Gilmore Girls and drank even more coffee. And then I showered, washed my hear, shaved my legs and and ate two slices of toast and an apple. But still - I'm nowhere near feeling like a fresh young woman. 

I just wrote a shopping list for the super market. I really have to go. 

I need CEREAL! Goddamnit! And coffee. Yeah, I comsumed every ... well yes, I truly ran out of all my supplies. And I need wrapping paper for my brother's birthday present. Maybe I should take a walk...Get my head out of these black clouds.

There is one thing that makes me happy though. 



Watch it, my dears!


Different subject. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year and you know why? It suddenly changes its value when you've lived in your own four walls for a year. It becomes something special, seeing your whole family all at once. I get kinda lonely in this city. Even though my mom's living twenty minutes away, I can't bother her. She's starting to built a new life herself and needs no whiny daughter. And I don't want to be.

So, I'm gonna get myself some food. And then I'm gonna cook something really fucking tasty. Just for myself. I try to take good care of myself since no one else would.

Well, wow...I fell better. Writing is rather great. I feel like brushing my teeth. Mood's going up. There it goes, world. 

12.10.11 14:07


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(12.10.11 15:19)
you, my dear, sound just like me. its creepy how much alike we seem from what I just read here. pathetic is my favorite word when it comes to describing myself and I talk to myself in my freakin head too. like, all the time and in english to make it even weirder.

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