It feels like we're already flying but the air is too thin and we're dying. The clouds all around take us higher, the world far below is on fire. I hold out my hand just to touch you. A reason for being forever. You're just a whisper away.


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God is going to get sick of me.

Isnt it very very selfish to think that god will care anyway? isnt it very self conscious to tell that he will never leave no matter what? Arent you ever afraid of god getting sick of you? I am constantly afraid that people get sick of me. And sure thing that god is going to get sick of me in the end. I am so bitchy sometimes and moody and pissy. Not at all a nice girl to hang around with. Why should god hang around with me? I am not that full of myself. Why should he ALWAYS care? Why should he always stay? I am selling shit, I am babbling shit and talking just to talk sometimes, scaring people and lovers away. Sometimes I am so full of myself too. Why shouldn't he? Huh? He must be sick of the thoughts in my head always doubting and questioning everything he made. Questioning me and his world, his people. Everything. Questioning him. Pulling pages out of the bible. Burning crosses or miniature churches. He sure is sick of me. He must be and I don't blame him anymore. It's okay. I have to save myself anyway.
5.1.11 21:21


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