It feels like we're already flying but the air is too thin and we're dying. The clouds all around take us higher, the world far below is on fire. I hold out my hand just to touch you. A reason for being forever. You're just a whisper away.


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Dear Mister Loverboy,

I hate how I see you - as this perfect, unique being that is so flawless; it hurts to look at that f... weiterlesen
4.4.11 22:52


Stop crying your heart out.

Drunky, drunky Drama-Queen writing. I want to quit. I want to quit all of this. No matter how hard I... weiterlesen
28.4.11 04:08

The Sillysupergirl Part I.

  I recognise I am very silly and pathetic and immature, but I guess I have the cure for i... weiterlesen
28.4.11 18:28

Sit and listen.

I read a great comment on youtube recently, which is rather exceptional I would say.It was about a g... weiterlesen
29.4.11 23:45

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